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Bike Spinning Full Circle

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Bike Spinning Full Circle

June's Bike Roll Call  

140 Bikes back in the communityIn just these past 29 days of June, we've recycled, refurbished, and redistributed 140 bikes back into our community. Every bike is donated by you or another local individual, family, or organization and our staff and volunteers process and repair these donations into reusable parts and functional, fun bikes. Bikes are redistributed through our retail location, in Bikes for All Mainers, and at Kids Bike Parties.This is how it all happens year-round, every year, but this June has felt extra special. Perhaps it's the skies clearing at the exact timeframe of our classes, programs, and group rides. Maybe it's the return of group rides at the Garage and in Bikes for All Mainers since our pre-pandemic energy levels. Or maybe it's just you all and our staff and volunteers that are making bike life so dang enjoyable right now. Thanks and let's keep it up! Summer is only just beginning :)

DONATE to Repair, Recycle, and Redistribute more Bikes!
Ducks and chickens at Ketcha

Closed Tuesday, 4th of JulyWe'll be closed at both the Garage at 155 Washington Ave &the Bike School for Open Bench Time next Tuesday, July 4th.

Open Bench Time 2x / weekTuesdays 4-7PM &Fridays 3-6PM at the Bike School 85 Anderson St.Sliding Scale (pay-what-you-can) for bench useOpen Bench Time is an all-ages space and school's out for summer. Expect to share the space with youth!(Reminder: the Bike School will be closed next Tuesday for July 4th)
ME Cycling Group RideRides are posted a few days before. Click here to visit the IG page for updates.Join us at PGH on Thursday evenings for group ride at 6PM. Mostly road, no-drop, social pace!
City at Your FeetPGH plays 'home base' for the Portland Trails City at Your Feet event, an outdoor scavenger hunt around town, on July 15thDetails and Registration: here!
Antique o' the Week

Swiss Army KnifeI have always had questions about the Swiss Army Knife. How did it become the DeFacto multi-tooled pocket knife? Why are they red? Does the Swiss army eat a lot of canned food? I was asking these silly questions around the shop the other day, and someone suggested doing an Antique of the Week on it if one was donated. A very nice customer overheard this and donated a classic 11 tool Swiss Army Knife the next day!"Swiss Army Knifes" got their name after World War II because American Soldiers had a hard time pronouncing their original name, the "Offiziersmesser". The Swiss Army commissioned the knife in the 1890's to give to their soldiers, so that they would be able to open cans, cut things and work on their rifles, which required screwdrivers. This was not the first multi-tooled pocketknife. The "Sheffeild Contrivances" knife was described in Herman Melville's Moby Dick in 1851 as, "though a little swelled – of a common pocketknife; but containing, not only blades of various sizes, but also screw-drivers, corkscrews, tweezers, awls, pens, rulers, nail-filers and counter sinkers."The Swiss knife was similar in that it packed as many tools as they could into the smallest space possible, and they became the go-to pocketknife because, like most Swiss made stuff, they are very well made. They have been produced by two separate companies, "Victorinox" and "Wegner" since their inception and are always made of high-quality stainless steel. The red handle was originally black but was updated to its iconic red color to make it WAY easier to find if it is dropped in the snow. There are dozens of different models, that have everything from your basic tweezers and toothpicks to LED lights and butane torches. The Wegner Giant Model 16999 has 87 implements which can perform 141 different functions and has some very hilarious Amazon reviews. While model 16999 is not very functional and is $999 I would definitely recommend picking up one like this much smaller, more functional model before your next camping trip.